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Sinners at the Altar (Sinners on Tour #6)(8)
Author: Olivia Cunning

Stunning. His woman was stunning. And his.

Even though Myrna’s physical beauty stole Brian’s breath, there was something that rocked his world even more than her face and her body. It was the blended look of love, anticipation, and trust in her wide eyes as she stared at him from the end of the corridor that had him completely out of his head.

“I think I’m ready,” she said, her voice trembling with emotion.

Brian couldn’t keep his hands off her for another moment. He dashed down the hallway and swept her into his arms, drawing the full length of her body against him.

“You shouldn’t kiss me yet,” she said breathlessly.


“I just put on lipstick.”

“Then you’re going to have to put it on again.”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I can live with that.”

He lowered his head, pausing with his lips a hair’s breadth from hers. His heart thrummed with anticipation, and his cock stirred to attention against his upper thigh. After a moment, her eyes flipped open. He watched her pupils constrict as she focused on his eyes.

“You’re right,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t kiss you.”

“Why not?”

“I want to marry you first.”

“Then let’s get going, because I really need to be kissed. Among other things.” Her hands slid over the white dress shirt she’d talked him into wearing. “You look so handsome in this shirt. I want to bite off your buttons.”

At her words, he no longer felt like a douche for wearing it for her.

Brian took her hand and walked backward down the bus aisle toward the exit, tugging her with him. He couldn’t take his eyes off her even to watch where he was going. “Trey, I hope you found those rings,” he said as he passed the dining table.

“I’ve got them. Where are we going?”

“The first drive-thru wedding chapel we encounter.”

“We can’t all fit in the Thunderbird,” Eric said.

“We’ll just shove you and Jace in the trunk,” Trey said.

“We’ll follow on my motorcycle,” Jace said.

“Where’s your sense of adventure?” Trey asked, wrapping an arm around Jace’s shoulders.

“I don’t call a trip in the trunk of a car with Eric an adventure. More of a nightmare.”

“Hey,” Eric said, “I took a shower this morning.” He sniffed his armpit. “And remembered deodorant, you lucky motherfucker.”

Trey laughed.

Brian hoped the ceremony didn’t take too long. He had a powerful need to strip that dress off Myrna’s gorgeous body and get her worked up enough to bite off his buttons.

Chapter Five

Myrna seriously needed to get a bigger car. Her pink ’57 Thunderbird convertible coupe did not seat four comfortably. Hell, it didn’t seat three comfortably. Brian, Trey, and Sed sat hip to hip across the white leather bench seat, leaving Myrna to sit on their combined laps and smoother them all with the huge skirt of her gown. Layers of satin did not mix well with the brutal Vegas heat. Still she had no doubt that she hadn’t chosen this dress—it had chosen her—so she’d had no choice but to claim it as her wedding gown. To hell with comfort and practicality. She was getting married to fucking Brian “Master” Sinclair—in her opinion the greatest guitarist who ever lived. She was determined to look beautiful for him even if she died of heatstroke.

The car pulled into a drive-thru wedding chapel, the rumble of Jace’s Harley following behind them. As they sat in line waiting their turn, Myrna fidgeted with her engagement ring. She’d vowed never to get married again. How had she fallen into this trap? Oh God, what was she thinking? This would never work. Brian was a rock star; she was a college professor. Their worlds were on opposite ends of the spectrum. How would they ever manage to stay together when they’d be forced to spend so much time apart?

Brian’s hand covered hers and squeezed. She looked into his eyes, and her concerns instantly evaporated. This was how she’d fallen. Exactly this. He was wonderful, and she was incredibly lucky he hadn’t given up on her. And they would make it work. They would. She wouldn’t give up on him, on them, ever.

“What are you thinking?” he asked.

“I’ve fallen.”

“And I can’t get up!” Eric said from the back of Jace’s motorcycle, which sat idling next to the car’s passenger side.

“Eric, we’re going to have to gag you, aren’t we?” Sed said and reached out of the car to make a grab for him. Eric jerked back just in time.

“I have a gag,” Jace said. “But it’s back on the bus.”

If Myrna didn’t love these guys as her surrogate family, she would have clobbered them all. “Guys, today is all about me,” she said, “so shut the hell up.”

Brian chuckled and lifted her hand to his lips. He kissed her knuckles. “That’s one reason I knew I had to marry you.”

“Because I’m bitchy?”

“Because you don’t treat my band mates like rock stars.”

“She does bitch at us,” Trey said.

“Constantly,” Sed added.

“And I, for one, like it very much,” Eric said.

The car in front of them pulled away, and Brian eased up to the window. Jace moved the motorcycle next to the car and shut off the rumbling engine. They were greeted by Elvis Presley. Well, a pretty good imitation of him. Elvis slid his large, white-framed sunglasses down his nose and offered a wide smile.

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