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Sinners at the Altar (Sinners on Tour #6)(5)
Author: Olivia Cunning

“You know I like it.”

“One of these days I’m going to strap on a dildo and fuck you in the ass.”

She pulled her fingers free of his body and climbed to her feet. She wasn’t sure why, but the thought of dominating him—of fucking him—really turned her on. Maybe it was because Brian had never allowed Trey to take him.

She sighed. She wasn’t sure why she was so flipping jealous of the guy today. Maybe because Trey had loved Brian unconditionally for ages and she was just beginning to offer him the same devotion. Well, whatever the reason for that unwarranted emotion making a reappearance this morning, she needed to get over it. She knew Brian didn’t have romantic feelings for Trey, no matter how much Trey wanted him to. If Brian hadn’t started loving the guy by now, he wasn’t about to do so anytime soon—or ever, if she had a say in the matter.

His cock twitched at whatever wild thoughts were circulating through that gloriously deviant mind of his.

“Sounds interesting. How about we try it tonight?”

She had expected him to protest her demand a little, but was delighted that he’d agreed. The man was so sexually experimental; so open to anything. It was one of the things she loved most about him and a quality she hadn’t realized was lacking in her past romantic interests until she’d found her sexual match in Brian. At first their sexual compatibility had been enough to keep her with him, but somewhere along the way she’d realized that while his body was an amazing gift, it was the man’s open and loving heart that was the real prize. And unlike her, Trey had probably realized that before Brian had branded him with lust.

Damn it. Why couldn’t she stop thinking about Trey this morning? Had she again dreamed about the way he’d looked when he’d stolen a kiss from Brian? She couldn’t deny Trey’s love-drenched look of longing still haunted her thoughts and dreams. Her lover had seemed completely unaffected by the kiss she’d witnessed Trey take from him. So if it hadn’t meant anything to Brian, why did it bother her so fucking much?

“We’ll take a detour to a sex shop after we pick out our rings,” she said, forcing thoughts of Trey from her mind. Her misguided jealousy was her issue, not Brian’s, and she wouldn’t let niggling insecurities about a long-ago tryst between a pair of drunken, testosterone-fueled teenagers to darken her wedding day.

Completely oblivious to her internal struggles, Brian wrapped her in a tight embrace. “God, I love you, woman,” he said. “My turn to make you come.”

“Yeah, it is.”

His ingenious fingers moved between her legs to stroke her clit, his touch sending thoughts of Trey’s infatuation scattering and her knees buckling.

Chapter Three

Myrna hid her hand behind her back as Brian came after it with a monster of a diamond engagement ring. The platinum setting had channel set princess diamonds surrounding a round central stone large enough to kill a charging elephant.

“It’s too big,” Myrna protested. She’d been in love with the stunning designer ring until she’d glimpsed the price tag and had gone light-headed. The thing was worth more than her beloved Thunderbird.

“Try it on before you decide,” Brian suggested.

Resolved to tell him she didn’t like the way it looked on her finger, she held out her left hand and forced herself not to dissolve into a puddle of mush at the delighted smile on Brian’s handsome face. She was going to have to give the guy his way more often; he practically radiated happiness at his small victory.

He sank to one knee at her feet, and her heart dropped.

“Brian, what are you doing?” she whispered, glancing nervously at the store clerk, who grinned broadly, and then looked back down at the man at her feet.

“Asking you properly,” Brian said, gazing up at her with love shining in his eyes.

She scarcely noticed the bruised rings around those eyes, they were so filled with hope and happiness.

“Myrna Evans, I love you with all I am, have been, or will ever be. Will you marry me?”

“I already said I would,” she said around the lump in her throat.

“You should answer me properly,” he said. “In front of this witness who is about to make a huge commission.”

Myrna laughed because she was so damned happy. Her only other option was crying. And for the same reason.

“Yes, Brian Sinclair, I will marry you,” she said.

The clerk clapped her hands excitedly as Brian slipped the ring on Myrna’s left ring finger.

“Now you have to accept it,” he said with a crooked grin, “no matter how expensive it is.”

“You jerk,” Myrna said. She smiled down at her hand and her heart skipped a beat. Her vision blurred as her eyes filled with tears at seeing his ring on her finger for the first time. “You generous, wonderful, sweet jerk!”

She practically tackled him to the ground when she dropped into his arms and kissed him desperately. He chuckled against her lips, his arms tightening around her to draw her closer. After a moment, he turned his face toward the jewelry counter, and Myrna moved her kisses to his jaw and neck.

“We’ll also take a couple of wedding bands to go,” Brian said to the clerk. “As you can see, we’re a bit anxious to get to the honeymoon.”

After purchasing her ridunckulous engagement ring and their matching wedding bands, they headed to a nearby bridal shop on foot.

Brian jerked Myrna’s arm and she gasped in pain. She drew to a sudden halt and turned to him to ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing when she discovered she’d almost walked into the doorframe of the bridal shop. She’d been so busy staring at her engagement ring, transfixed by its sparkle that she’d probably have earned a set of shiners to match his if he hadn’t yanked her out of harm’s way. The ring might be extravagant for her taste, but it was also stunning and, more importantly, it symbolized how much she meant to Brian.

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