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Sinners at the Altar (Sinners on Tour #6)(4)
Author: Olivia Cunning

“Oh!” she gasped.

He sucked her clit into his mouth and then rammed two fingers into her greedy body, thrusting them harder and harder as he suckled her clit with agonizing gentleness. She called out her pleasure, the sounds of her wet pussy and cries of excitement echoing off the walls of the tiny bathroom.

Brian pulled away and shifted his fingers to her clit, stroking her fast and hard.

“Watch yourself, baby. Watch.”

She forced her gaze down between her legs where Brian was working her trigger. He knew exactly how to make her explode. Watching his fingers move against her and thinking about the way those fingers looked when he played one of his guitar solos sent her over the edge. Her ass lifted off the vanity, and he moved his hand away so she could see her pussy pulse with release. Brian rubbed the head of his cock against her opening as her spasms of pleasure tried to grip him. Tug him in.

He slipped inside her easily, and she stared at the spot where their bodies were joined. The way his cock filled her made her breath catch. Her flesh ebbed and stretched with his deep, steady strokes. Brian gyrated his hips as they watched her folds strain to accommodate his girth.

Slowly, her pleasure built again. Oh, but he filled her so perfectly, rubbed her just right.

“Brian.” She needed the feel of his name on her lips almost as much as she needed the feel of his hard cock within her.

He lifted his head, and she met his gaze. They stared into each other’s eyes as their bodies moved together over and over again. Emotions flooded her being, stealing her breath, making her eyes ache as tenderness overflowed.


The physical connection, they’d always had that. But opening her heart to him made sex so much more than simple pleasure.

“Yes, baby?”

“I love you,” she said.

He cupped her face between his palms and kissed her softly. “I love you.” Buried balls deep, he stared into her eyes. “Are you really mine?” he whispered.


“About time you admitted it, Professor.” He grinned and pulled out. She gasped in protest, but was too late to pull him back to her.

“Let’s finish this in the shower,” he said. “I’m determined to marry you today one way or another, and we need to work on some multitasking or we’ll waste the entire day fucking in the tour bus bathroom.”

“I wouldn’t say we were wasting the day,” she said.

“I will marry you today, Myrna Evans. Got it?”

“Got it,” she said, smiling her brightest.

While he adjusted the temperature of the water, she hopped off the counter and moved up behind him to kiss his back with an open mouth and tongue and teeth. She rubbed her hands over his firm belly, his pecs, his strong shoulders. He stepped into the shower and she followed, consumed by her insatiable hunger for this man. Finally admitting that she loved him hadn’t lessened her lust for him. If anything, it made it even more pronounced. How lucky was she to be in love and in lust with the same man?

He turned to face her, and her gaze lowered to his thick cock standing at proud attention between them. She wanted his cum in her mouth. Wanted it to pulse into the back of her throat. Wanted to swallow him whole.

She lowered herself to her knees, running her hands up his thighs. The warm water of the shower coursed between her splayed fingers and flowed down her arms. Brian tilted his head back into the flowing water the same instant she sucked his cock into her mouth.

“Ah,” he gasped.

She held the base of his shaft with one hand as she bobbed her head fast, sucked him hard, and cradled his heavy balls in her palm. She wanted to reward him for being so good to her. For loving her. She knew what he liked. She moved her free hand between her legs and slid her fingers into her silky depths, seeking slick juices to ease her penetration of her lover. When she’d collected enough of her own fluids on her fingertips, she lifted her hand between his legs. Her slippery fingers pressed against the opening to his ass, and he grunted before widening his legs. She slid two fingers inside him, gently thrusting in and out until he began to whimper. He knew what was coming. Knew how good she could make him feel. Trusted her with his body. It rocked her world that he let her do this for him.

She released his shaft to free her other hand and shifted it to his balls, drawing them forward and gently massaging them against the base of his cock in slow gentle circles. Inside his ass, the fingers of her other hand curled forward, and she rubbed against his gland. He wasn’t the only one who knew how to work a trigger. Brian started spurting immediately. His entire body shuddered as he cried out in bliss. His fluids pulsing into the back of her throat, Brian grabbed her head to slow its relentless bobbing as she sucked him off, but she refused to lay off until he’d spent every last drop. He sagged against the shower wall, gulping for air and shaking with aftershocks of pleasure. Releasing his cock with a loud sucking pop, Myrna teased the opening at its tip with her tongue, still rubbing him inside to prolong his bliss.

Myrna loved how massaging his prostate made him shudder and quake. Loved how he allowed her to do any kinky thing she wanted to do to him. Loved how he made her feel sexy and appreciated. She couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives figuring out what other things they had in common, because it was blatantly obvious that they had the sex part figured out.

“God, baby,” he groaned. “I don’t know what I did to deserve that, but let me know what it was so I can do it repeatedly.”

“Did you like that? My fingers inside you?”

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