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Sinners at the Altar (Sinners on Tour #6)(2)
Author: Olivia Cunning

Myrna kissed the bridge of his nose, and his flesh throbbed in protest. Wincing, he drew a pained breath through his teeth.

“Does it hurt?” she asked, rubbing her thumb along his cheekbone.

“Doesn’t feel good. Are both eyes black now?”

“Yep. You’re the sexiest raccoon rock-god on the planet.”

He grinned. “Well, as long as you think I’m sexy.”

“Always.” She kissed him and pulled away to stare into his eyes.

He stared back, his heart thudding with a mixture of love and lust and unadulterated joy. He couldn’t believe Myrna was openly his. That she wanted to marry him. Today.

Holy shit!

“I love you,” she said. She burrowed her fingers into his hair. “I love you,” she said more firmly. “Do you believe me?”

Almost—it was still very new coming from her lips—but he said, “Yes.”

“I think I fell in love with you when I saw you standing in the terminal in Portland waiting for me. Do you remember that?”

“Yeah, but you didn’t love me then. I asked you if you were opening up possibilities between us and you said only sexual ones. And then you gave me your panties to make sure I understood exactly what you meant.” He still had those panties somewhere.

“Well, I was an idiot. And I did love you, Brian, I just didn’t want to admit it. I was scared.”

“And you’re not scared anymore?”

She shook her head.

“And you promise not to break my heart?” he asked.

“I promise.”

“And you’ll love me forever?”


“And we can start the honeymoon right now?”

She laughed. “Nope. I’m going to make you wait.”

“It’s the two black eyes, isn’t it?”

He blinked at her, knowing he looked like shit. He felt like shit. He wasn’t sure why he’d let his band mates talk him into going to a strip club for his bachelor party. They hadn’t believed him when he’d told them he’d rather spend his last night of freedom with Myrna. He’d had enough of bachelorhood; it was only more of the same. The love he shared with Myrna was new and exciting. Exactly what he wanted. Needed. His smart and sexy Myrna. His heart.

“Nope, it’s not the black eyes. It’s knowing how hard you’re going to fuck me after I tease you all day.”

She offered him a devilish grin, and his cock pulsed with excitement.

“Are you sure you’re not punishing me for getting into a fight last night?”

“Well, maybe a little.” She kissed him again. “But I love you regardless.” She stared at him with such intensity he had to look away.

“I love you,” she said with conviction, and he met her eyes again. “I love you. I love you. Which way do you like me to say it?”

“Any way is fine with me as long as it’s frequent and you mean it.”

She continued to stare into his eyes. “I do. I do. I do. How should I say that?”

He grinned. “You just have to say that once.”

She smiled and there was no mistaking that her level of happiness matched his.

“We have a busy day ahead of us,” she said. “Rings. Dress. Makeover. Wedding. Sinners concert. Honeymoon. We’d better get out of bed.”

“Or we can stay in bed, forget the dress, and get married right here while participating in the honeymoon. I’m a firm believer in multitasking.” He grinned hopefully and nodded, encouraging her to mimic his motion and agree with his perfect plan.

The eyebrow she raised at him told him that wasn’t happening.


He released a defeated sigh and pulled out of her arms. “Let’s go pick out that ring. It’ll be huge and expensive—no protests out of you.”

She opened her mouth, and he covered it with one hand.

“No protests.”

The corners of her mouth turned up against his palm. He knew damned well he’d get her whatever ring she wanted.

“We’re in agreement?”

She nodded, and he moved his hand so he could kiss her lips. “Are you ready to go pick it out?”

He so wanted to put that physical token of his affection on her left ring finger. The slender digit looked hopelessly bare at the moment. He drew her hand to his lips to kiss spot that would soon be obscured by his eternal rock.

She tossed the covers aside. “I need a shower first.”

“I’ll join you.”

She appraised him for a moment, her gaze skimming over his naked flesh from head to toe. Her concentration focused mostly in the middle. When his cock hardened beneath her appreciative attention, her tongue darted out to wet her lips.

“Yeah, you will,” she said.

Chapter Two

Myrna slipped into a thick, red bathrobe and opened the door that lead to the main corridor of the tour bus. Naked, gorgeous, and hard, Brian followed her.

The bathroom was to her left. When she tried to slide the door open, she found it locked.

“Occupado,” Eric Sticks called from within.

“Hurry up. We have to get ready for the wedding,” Brian yelled, and pounded on the door with the heel of his hand.

“Almost finished,” Eric called back.

“He’s probably jerking it in there,” Brian said.

Myrna turned and wrapped her arms around her soon-to-be husband. She’d promised herself she’d never get married again. Not after her first marriage had ended so horribly. But now that her defenses had crumbled, she couldn’t wait to start her life with this wonderful man. After putting him off for so long and fighting his affections with an uncompromising—and in hindsight ridiculous—stubbornness, she felt she had a lot to make up to him. She wanted Brian to be happy. She wanted him to feel loved. Cherished. She’d never felt that way about her first husband. She had never wanted to put Jeremy’s happiness before her own. What she had with Brian was special. Perfect. Forever. She wished she had recognized it sooner.

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