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Sinners at the Altar (Sinners on Tour #6)(12)
Author: Olivia Cunning

“A few minutes, maybe.” Attempting to get a better look at Trey, Sed leaned closer to Myrna.

Brian tensed. He doubted that he’d ever get over his aversion to having Sed near his woman. He trusted Myrna, but women had a way of losing their panties if Sed so much as glanced at them. And Brian knew for a fact that, currently, Myrna wasn’t wearing panties. One less line of defense against Sed the Fuckinator.

“Should we just take him to the hospital?” Sed said, flexing his huge biceps.

Brian was satisfied when Myrna didn’t swoon at the sight of his impressive guns.

“I think I can hold him down until we get there.”

Trey’s eyes drifted open, and he pinned Sed with a look of disgust. “I heard that. I already told you I’m not going to any hospital. I’m just a little tired. What’s the big deal?” He sat up in his bunk and went white as a sheet.

“Trey...” Brian said.

“Don’t you start on me too.”

When Trey stood, he swayed slightly. Brian wrapped an arm around him and ran his free hand over the back of Trey’s head where that overzealous asshole bouncer had cracked him in the skull with a bat the night before.

“The swelling’s gone down since last night,” Brian said. “But you still have a lump.”

“See, I’m fine.”

“Trey, I think you should get this checked out.” Brian stared into his best friend’s eyes, willing him to agree.

Trey lowered his gaze after a long moment. “I’m fine.” He leaned around Brian, instantly alert when he spotted what Eric had set on the table. “Is that cake?”

“With strawberry filling,” Eric said. “They didn’t have cherry.”

Trey beamed. “You asked for cherry? For me?”

“Myrna told me to,” Eric said.

Trey tugged Myrna into his arms. “Hey, baby, where have you been all my life?”

When he tipped her backwards and then upright again, she laughed.

“Let’s see,” she said. “BFE, Missouri.”

“Wish I knew where that was.” Trey squeezed her against him, rocking back and forth.

“Between a soybean field and a farrowing house.”

“What the fuck’s a farrowing house?”

“Where piglets are born.”

Trey made his impish face. The one that got him anything he wanted. “Sounds cute.”

“Smells bad.” Myrna snuggled closer to Trey. “But you smell good. New aftershave?”

“Some fan sent it to me. If you like it, I’ll give it to Brian.”

Watching Trey and Myrna touch and tease each other didn’t make Brian jealous in the least. Truth be told, it turned him on more than a little. He wondered if Myrna had any interest in another threesome. He knew Trey would be game.

“Are we going to cut this cake?” Eric asked.

“It’s tradition for the bride and groom to cut the first piece and feed it to each other,” Jace said.

Myrna released Trey and turned to grin at Brian. “Yeah, that’s what they do with it. Feed each other.” She laughed wickedly.

Brian lifted an eyebrow at her. Did she intend to shove it up his nose? “Don’t even think about it, Myrna.”

“Think about what?”

“Dipping your nipples in that frosting. I won’t be able to keep my tongue off them.”

Her mouth dropped open.

No doubt imagining what she’d look like with her breasts covered in frosting, Eric did an about-face and repeatedly banged his head against the thin wall behind the booth.

Sed pulled open a drawer and handed Myrna a knife. She took Brian’s hand in hers and tugged him toward the cake. Hands combined, they drew the knife down into the cake and cut a slice to share. Brian lifted the piece with his fingers and fed Myrna a bite. She then did the same for him. As much as he liked to play around with her, he was glad she allowed him this moment of tender romance. He was kind of a sucker for it. He swallowed the bite of cake and kissed her, the sweet taste of her lips fueling his desire again. After he’d removed all traces of frosting from her delectable lips, he pulled away.

“I love you,” she said before flashing her most devilish grin. “But save some of that tongue action for my nipples.” She swatted his ass playfully before she took up the knife again and waved it around at the guys. “Who’s next?”

“What do you mean?” Eric asked.

“Well, I’m marrying into this band. Doesn’t that mean I should share cake with all of you?”

Brian grinned, glad his wife got along so well with his band mates. Many a band had fallen to ruin because a significant other didn’t understand the dynamics between band members. Myrna got it. And the guys adored her. He couldn’t ask for a better situation. Well, maybe if Myrna agreed to go on tour with them indefinitely. But he wouldn’t ask that of her just yet. Her job was important to her and therefore important to him as well. But if she came up with the idea to quit her job immediately, he wouldn’t object. They had the next six weeks together at least. He planned to spend every moment of them in her arms. The rest of the world would just have to get along without him.

“My turn!” Eric wrapped his long fingers around Myrna’s hand and helped her cut a slice of cake.

She lifted the piece and touched it to Eric’s nose, leaving a spot of white and pink frosting on the tip. When she fed a bite to him, Brian could practically see Eric melting.

“Do I get a kiss too?” Eric asked. He leaned toward Myrna with his lips puckered, and Brian shoved a hand in his face.

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