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Watch Over Me (Danvers #7)(8)
Author: Sydney Landon

Dominic shrugged halfheartedly, but she could tell that he felt bad about it. “I wish it were that simple, babe, but we’re under strict contracts with our customers. We can’t have stuff like that happening on their properties. While Chad was shopping for office supplies, someone could have broken in, and literally, he would have been caught with his dick in his hand. Trust me, all of our employees are well aware of what they can and cannot do. Your reputation is the one thing in this business that you must guard above all other things.”

“That sounds like a very Marine Corps motto.” She smiled, thinking she quite liked that part of him. Something about those military and ex-military men was so sexy. It was almost like an inborn confidence—no matter what life tossed their way, they could handle it. Dominic, like Mac, was all man. He could cook dinner for her and bring her coffee, but there was never any doubt as to his masculinity.

“Maybe,” Dominic agreed, “but I would like to think I’d have known the importance of my good name even without Uncle Sam drilling it into me. Anyway, Gage insisted on taking him out for a drink afterward to soften the blow.”

“Really?” Gwen asked, impressed. At least that was something for poor Chad.

“Yep, of course, I think he just wanted his autograph or something. The guy was quite . . . creative and the camera loved him.”

“Oh God,” Gwen choked, before picking up the dish towel lying in front of her and throwing it at Dominic. “You’re so bad.”

He laughed as he plated their meal. Her mouth was watering as he set a large steak with a twice-baked potato down in front of her. “I hope you’re hungry.” Her stomach growled on cue, causing her to blush.

Gwen had always felt self-conscious when eating in front of men, especially someone she was romantically interested in. She wasn’t fat, but she was healthy and had a slightly bigger butt than most women her size. No matter how many diets she tried, that part of her anatomy never seemed to get any smaller, and if she lost weight, it just made it appear bigger than the rest of her. She had dated a guy in college who had cheated on her and had blamed it on the fact that he just wasn’t attracted to her because of her weight. Even though she felt like it was just an excuse, the jerk had scarred her for life. When Mac had skirted having sex with her, she had wondered if maybe he felt that way as well. With Dominic, though, she had felt like he loved her body. His hands had been constantly touching her as if she were perfect and he couldn’t get enough. “This looks great.” She smiled shyly, as she cut off a small piece of the meat. She found herself moaning in appreciation when the steak literally melted on her tongue; it was so tender.

When he was suddenly quiet, Gwen looked over to find his fork suspended in midair. She looked down at her plate, wishing she’d managed to control herself. The last thing she ever wanted to do was to call attention to herself while she was eating. When she glanced back up and he was still staring, she dropped her fork, suddenly having no appetite.

“You have no idea how badly I want to swipe everything off this counter and fuck you on it.”

Startled at his quiet declaration, Gwen’s head jerked up to find his eyes smoldering and locked on to hers. “Wh-what?”

“When you drew that fork slowly out of your mouth, moaning in bliss, I could picture you sucking me off in exactly the same way. We need to finish here because I’m not gonna last much longer. If you lick that fork again, I’m going to have your panties around your ankles in two seconds flat.”

Her breath hitched in her throat and her nipples fought to escape the confines of her bra at his words. She was ready to stand up and shove everything out of the way herself. She didn’t think he’d have to bother with removing her panties, though, because they were fast becoming a puddle beneath her. Dominic made a gesture with his fork for her to continue eating and she did, almost in autopilot. She couldn’t look away from his big hands as he cut his steak with neat precision. She needed him to touch her now. Her pride was completely out the window and for the second night in a row, she was going to initiate sex with him. Who was she and where had boring Gwen Day gone?

Dropping her fork and pushing her plate aside, she stood and stepped over to him. Without saying a word, he put his fork down and turned until she was standing between his spread thighs. “I want you,” she admitted huskily.

He settled his hands on her waist and pulled her closer. “How do you want it, babe?” he asked as he stared into her eyes.

She shocked herself when she admitted, “I want you in my mouth.” He groaned in reply, before taking one of her hands and lowering it to the front of his jeans. Her fingers fumbled as she unbuttoned, then gingerly slid the zipper past his erection. He had on a pair of sexy blue boxer briefs with a black waistband that said Ralph Lauren. Somehow, she’d pictured Dominic as more of a Hanes man, so this was almost like a naughty surprise.

He raised his hips slightly while she worked the fabric down until his cock sprang free. Gwen hadn’t been sure how this position would work with him still sitting on a barstool and her standing, but when he moved his hips forward slightly, she found that it worked . . . quite well for her. Things had been so rushed and out of control the previous night that she hadn’t taken time to appreciate Dominic’s large asset. She’d never really found a man’s penis beautiful, but his looked like a work of art. As she ran her palm up and down his length, she marveled that something so hard could also be so velvety smooth. She smeared the moisture gathering at the tip around the thick head and felt him twitch within her hold. “This is going to be embarrassing if I don’t even make it until I reach your mouth,” Dominic groaned as she pumped him in her hand.

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