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Watch Over Me (Danvers #7)(7)
Author: Sydney Landon

Not that he was looking to be a daddy anytime soon, but if it happened, he was all in. Until he knew different, he planned to operate as if Gwen could be pregnant and treat her like a princess. Heck, he would have been happy to do that without a pregnancy scare. He was tired of one-night stands and casual dating. He wanted a woman in his life to love, respect, and lay the world at her feet. Something told him that woman could very well be Gwen, and he was a man who always trusted his intuition. It had kept him in one piece more than once in his life.

He could feel Gage’s eyes boring into him, waiting for an answer to his rash of nosy questions. When he reared back in his seat again, balancing it on its back legs, Dominic did what he and Mac were so fond of when they needed to distract the other man. He reached out, pushed against the back of the chair, and listened to Gage scream like a girl as he tipped over. That never got old and the man never learned. Damn, he loved his job.

Chapter Three

Gwen stood apprehensively outside Dominic’s apartment door, hesitant to knock. He had called her this afternoon just to check on her and to let her know that dinner would be ready at seven. So, here she was feeling like a basket of nervous anxiety at the thought of facing the man that she’d ridden to pleasure countless times not even twenty-four hours ago.

Just when she was pondering whether to make up some excuse, the door swung open and she could only stare at the picture of masculine beauty standing before her. He was wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of dark jeans that showed off his powerful thighs to perfection. She stood gawking at him, feeling like she was in danger of swallowing her tongue. He gave her a knowing grin and took her hand, pulling her inside. She barely had time to register the delicious smell permeating the apartment before she was pushed against the closed door and engulfed in a kiss that had her eyes rolling back in her head. This was no tentative brush of his lips against hers; he took control and ravished every corner of her mouth. His hands settled on her ass, pulling her against the hard line of his cock and without thought, she locked her arms around his neck and lifted her legs around his waist. God, she wanted nothing more than to feel him moving inside of her again. “Dominic . . .” she moaned, unable to get close enough. What was it about this man that set her on fire so quickly?

“Something’s burning,” he hissed against her neck as he ground his lower body against her.

“It is . . .” she agreed. “Oh, yes . . .”

When she felt him shaking against her, she pulled back enough to see him laughing. “I meant our dinner, baby, but I agree, you are as well, and I promise to put that fire out soon.” He gave her bottom a firm squeeze before unwrapping her legs from his waist and stepping back. Instead of walking off, he took her hand, kissed her knuckles, and pulled her behind him into the kitchen. He waved her toward a seat at the bar before pointing to an array of drinks sitting to the side. “I wasn’t sure what you wanted to drink. I have caffeine-free soda and tea as well as bottled water and there’s milk in the refrigerator. I know a bottle of wine would be nice, but I thought for now we would skip any alcohol . . . until we know.”

Gwen didn’t know whether to be irritated or touched that he was making decisions about her health for her. She decided to let it go, thinking she could probably use a wine-free night after her overconsumption the previous night. Apparently, that left her choices at something without caffeine so she chose water and added a wedge of lime that he had sliced and set out. As if drawn there by some unstoppable force, she found herself staring at his butt as he bent over to remove a skillet from the oven. He seemed to be fascinated by her backside, and she was by his as well. Apparently, they were both ass people. Clearing her throat, she said the first thing that came to mind. “So, how was your day?”

He grinned over his shoulder, before grabbing a knife and cutting into what appeared to be a perfectly cooked steak. “It was good, babe. In fact, it was downright educational.”

Now that she hadn’t been expecting. Curious, she asked, “Educational?”

With a quirk of his perfect lips, he gave her a grin that left her inner sex kitten panting. “Yeah, Gage and I were buzzing through the security feeds this morning and ran across something . . . interesting from the previous evening.”

“Like illegal interesting?” she asked, thinking they had caught someone breaking the law.

“Well, maybe in some states.” Dominic grinned at her, looking downright devilish. He finally took mercy on her when he noticed her confusion. Leaning back against the counter and crossing his ankles, he said, “Well, a guy who works night security at one of our properties decided to take his dinner break a little too far, which was really stupid when he knows how many cameras are on the property. Apparently, his girlfriend dropped by and they got it on in the supply closet. Not a real smart move since there are cameras in there to discourage employees from helping themselves to one too many pens. I have to say, though, if he applied even half of that enthusiasm and energy to his job, the man would own the company by now and I’d be working for him.”

Gwen couldn’t help herself; she started giggling just imagining Dominic’s face when he saw the video footage. “What did you do?” she managed to gasp out between laughs.

Wiggling his brows, he said, “Well, I think Gage disappeared for a while to ponder the situation, but after that we had to call Chad in and let him go.”

“What?” she cried, all laughter gone. “You fired him . . . for having sex on the job? Couldn’t you just give him a warning or something?”

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