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Watch Over Me (Danvers #7)(15)
Author: Sydney Landon

“Hi, Dominic, nice to meet you. I’ve seen you around the grounds before . . . jogging.”

Gwen wanted to roll her eyes. Geez, apparently every woman in the building watched him jog. Maybe she should suggest he start wearing some loose-fitting sweatpants and a shirt. He needed to stop displaying so much of his man candy to the world. Gwen quickly filled Shannon in on Megan’s reflux issue but left the rest out. She knew how much it embarrassed the other woman when her girls went into detailed discussions of their body parts. She figured after a long evening at work, she didn’t need any added stress. Dominic seemed to be of a like mind and didn’t mention it, either. They all talked for a few more minutes before they left.

Once outside in the hallway, Dominic took her hand, leading her to his apartment. She pulled against his hold, causing him to stop. “It’s late and I really need to get some sleep tonight.”

“I know, baby,” he said, before pulling her forward once again. “I’m tired too so we’ll just go home and crash.”

“But . . . I should go to my place,” she protested. “I don’t have any clothes to wear to work tomorrow.”

He stopped again, turning to face her. “Gwen, do you want to go home tonight? I want you to stay with me, but I’m not going to force you.”

She stood there uncertainly, wanting to be with him, but feeling like she needed to put some space between them. They barely knew each other and already they were spending every available moment together? What would she do when he was gone? She needed to keep some distance; it would be easier in the end, right? “I’m just going to go on home.”

Without another word, he turned them toward her apartment and waited while she fumbled with her keys. “See you tomorrow,” he whispered huskily against her lips as she stepped in the door. “Lock up,” he instructed.

She stood in the entryway of her lonely apartment and wanted to kick herself. Way to go, Gwen, this is so much better than going home with Dominic. There was no changing her mind now, though. She’d made a decision, and she had to live with it. Dammit, she was already way too attached to a man who would walk away soon.

Chapter Five

Gwen felt a hand touch her shoulder as she stepped into the lobby of Danvers International. “Good morning, babe. You look gorgeous today.” Spinning around, she felt her heart knock in her chest as she looked up at a grinning Dominic. It should be illegal for a man to look that good before nine in the morning. He was wearing his usual work uniform of cargo pants and a company shirt, but holy wet panties, was he a sight to behold. Speaking of hotness, Gage stood behind him, watching them with interest. She wished at that moment that she had worn something other than the snug, black wrap dress that seemed to stick to her butt like a second skin. Fashion did not cater to women with a big booty. It was always a challenge to find clothing that didn’t make her look like she was on her way to a street corner.

“Good morning,” she managed to reply as she tried to get a handle on her out-of-control body. Did he seriously have to be that hot? Mac had been one handsome guy, but her body had never reacted to his closeness with the same intensity as it did with Dominic’s. He pulled her close, dropping a kiss on her surprised lips.

“I missed you this morning,” he whispered for her ears alone.

“Me, too,” she admitted before she could stop herself. God knows it was true. After sleeping over at his place only twice, she was addicted. She had been at loose ends at her apartment this morning as if she hadn’t lived alone for years.

Gage, seeming tired of waiting to be included in the conversation, walked closer and gave her a mischievous grin. “It’s good to see you again, Gwen. Dom’s right, you do look great this morning. I like the dress.”

Dominic scowled at his friend while Gwen smiled. “Thanks, Gage. It’s good to see you as well.”

Gage looked nervous for a moment before asking, “So . . . I saw you with Crystal the other day. Are you two friends?”

Gwen tried desperately to keep a straight face, remembering Mia’s story of how Crystal had kneed Gage in the balls in the parking garage. Was it just a coincidence that Gage’s hand was hovering close to his crotch? Maybe he remembered what had happened as well. “Er . . . Crystal Webber?”

“Yeah, that’s her.” Gage nodded. Dominic just stood between them, shaking his head.

“Yes, we’re friends. She’s an amazing person.” Oh crap, maybe she should have left that part out. It sounded a bit like a sales pitch. Gwen didn’t think Crystal needed that because Gage appeared to already be sold on her.

“Hmmm,” he muttered, “do you think that maybe we could . . .”

Before he could finish his sentence, Dominic put his hand against the nape of her neck and began leading her toward the coffee shop at the other end of the lobby. “Pick up women on your own time, bro. My woman needs her morning coffee.” Both Gage and Gwen were gaping at Dominic as he ushered her to the rapidly forming line. “Sorry, honey. I didn’t want him to put you on the spot. I’m certain he was going to suggest a double date and I think we should spare ourselves that.” He gently tucked a strand of her wayward hair behind her ear. “Now, what kind of coffee do you want this morning?”

Clearing her throat of the sudden lump there, Gwen said huskily, “Vanilla latte—skim.” Dominic ordered an Americano for himself and a decaf vanilla latte for her with skim milk.

“I don’t think you need to avoid whole milk, babe. You’re sexy as hell just as you are.”

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