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Breaking Her (Love is War #2)(9)
Author: R.K. Lilley

"Eventually we'll all be on your show, Anton," Leona joked, though who knew if it was a joke.  I myself had made a few appearances, though nothing with a speaking role, mostly I'd been an extra with a lot of close-up body shots.  Leona had been cast in a similar way, if less times. 

That left only Demi, but even as I had the thought, she said, "I'm actually going to be in it too.  My agent called me earlier.  That role I was up for, the rival club's daughter.  I got it." 

I blinked at her.  How had I missed this? 

We all rushed to congratulate her, and I felt like a dick for having no clue about such huge news.

"That sounds like a big role," Harry said, hugging her.  "Wow.  That could really turn into something, right?" 

"She's already scheduled to have sex with me," Anton said, his tone flat and more than a touch riled. 

We all looked at him.  Okay, I glared, and Demi blushed and looked everywhere but at him. 

"What?" Harry asked him, wide-eyed. 

"Our characters have a star-crossed affair.  She's going to be on the show quite a bit, from the sound of it.  They have lots of story planned for her character." 

"You don't sound thrilled about that," Demi almost mumbled the words, not looking at him. 

"I just don't think the show is a good fit for you," he said brutally.

For that, we were all glaring at him.  "What the hell?" I asked him. 

"You can get typecast, doing a show like this," he tried to explain.  "I just don't think it fits your image.  You should be trying for more family friendly stuff.  Like one of those princess live-action flicks.  Something like that." 

"That's why it's called acting," Demi said to her feet, her face red.  "I should be able to do both." 

Anton was not letting up.  He was in a hell of a mood.  "This is a cable show.  Did you know they're already talking about having you do a topless scene?  With me.  A topless sex scene in front of the world.  That what you were going for?" 

Demi, looking more miserable by the second, responded with a forlorn, "Topless?  Oh no.  My parents are going to kill me." 

"I told you not to audition," he continued relentlessly.  "This is not a good fit for you.  Mark my words." 

"Knock it the hell off," I told him.  "She's an actress and the path she takes is her business."  We had a pretty aggressive stare down, but eventually he broke the gaze.  "Now quit being an ass and congratulate her." 

"Congratulations," Anton looked very pointedly at Demi, who still wouldn't look at him.  "In a few weeks, I'm going to be playing with your naked tits in front of an audience.  Hope you're okay with that."  He got up and stormed away. 

"What the ever-loving fuck?" I asked anyone that might know what Anton's problem was.  

"Asshole," Leona breathed, shrugging off her quiet but clingy pilot boyfriend to go put her arm around Demi.  "You okay, sweetie?" 

Demi nodded, but she was chewing on her lip.  "I think he thinks I'm intruding on his territory.  It's his show, he's the lead in it, and I don't think he wants me being a part of it." 

That was it.  I got up and went after him. 

His long stride had covered a lot of distance fast, but he'd stopped as soon as he hit the nearest bar, which was about a foot away once you hit the street, so it wasn't hard to catch or find him. 

I took the barstool next to him, glancing around.  We were getting some stares.  It was a quick walk from the beach, but no one else in the place was wearing swimsuits.  Also, they may have recognized Anton. 


"That was so out of line," I told him quietly after the bartender left our earshot.  "Were you trying to make her feel like shit?"

He sighed heavily.  "No, but I think she'll feel like worse shit if her perfect family sees her topless in her first big role.  And topless is just the edge of it.  They've got a scene written of her . . . servicing me in a bathroom.  It's not what I want for her.  Is that what you want for her?  Her biggest role to date and the world gets to see her topless and on her knees?" 

Jesus.  It did make me feel overprotective, but . . . "That's beside the point.  Regardless of how you feel about that particular subject, do you think you're handling this in a good way?  She's out there looking like she might cry because she thinks you don't want to work with her.  You need to go apologize, and you need to make it stick." 

He cursed, long and fluid.  He finished his beer with one long swig, standing up.  "Fine.  Fine.  You're right.  I'm an asshole.  I'll go apologize." 

He settled his tab and we left. 

When we got back to the group, he quietly asked Demi to take a walk with him. 

Farrah and Mitch went swimming, and Leona's pilot and Harry went to grab a beer together.  

It was just me and Leona sitting side by side, watching the water when she said, "It's so peaceful, isn't it?  The ocean, I mean."

Peaceful?  I did not find the ocean peaceful.  I found it troubling.  I didn't see the calm waves or the beautiful water, I only saw the chaos underneath, the dangers lurking in the depths.  Riptides, strong currents, high tides.  Sharks.  Other things that bite and/or sting you. 

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